The Cooper School Daily

Learning to Spend!


Students began Everyday Math Unit 10 this week. In this unit children review money concepts, suchMath MM as names of coins and bills, money exchanges, and equivalent amounts. They pretend to pay for items and make change. Students use calculators to add and subtract dollar amounts using decimal notations. Some of these real-world problems really made these scholars think twice and check their initial answers. Nonetheless, students felt a sense of accomplishment as they worked through these problems independently and with partners.



Second Grade avian experts put the finishing touches on their PowerPoints this week. They began the week by editing their writing for grammar, spelling, andMath Calculator punctuation errors. Once all their information and pictures were in the right place, scholars turned their attention to adding effects such as color and animation to their slides. We discussed enhancement through subtlety by selecting a few important details that could be emphasized.


Bird Study

The Bird Study has come alive in Second Grade. These ornithologists were super excited to find their nesting boxes experiment was in full effect on Monday morning. As you may recall, students voted to conduct an experiment with three nesting boxes. It was decided that the boxes would house a bird like a wren. They brainstormed some variables in the experiment they could change such as various heights, colors, or locations around the back area. Students chose the location of the boxes to placed in different spots around the back area. This meant the height, shape, and color of all three boxes would be the same. Bird enthusiasts were eager to check their boxes. Carolina Wrens nest through June, but hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to see one nest before school ends!


Important Dates

May 19th                                 Ashepoo Plantation Study Trip

May 24th                                 Bird Study Presentation at 8:15

May 24th                                 Magnolia Gardens Study Trip

May 27th                                 Birds of Prey Study Trip

May 30th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 2nd                                 ½ Day – 5th Grade Graduation

June 3rd                                 ½ Day – Field Day