The Cooper School Daily

Learning with a Buddy

Fluency Partners
Kindergarteners were excited to use all of their reading skills to work with their fluency partners this week! As students have worked to master reading fluently, they know this means reading and sounding less like a robot and smoothing the words out to read and sound like they do when they talk.  Kindergarteners were ready for a challenge. This week, we introduced some fluency games to play with their fluency partners. Young readers blew us away with their excitement and bravery while building their fluency skills!

Reflecting & Setting Goals
This week, Kindergarteners began considering all of the aspects of their learning that they have taken control of and then taken flight! Kindergarteners spent the week considering their growth in Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies as well as all of their accomplishments just learning to be a Kindergartener! We have been so impressed by students taking an honest look at themselves and applying it to goals that they hope to set for the end of our Kindergarten school year!

Cross-Grade Reading Buddies
We were so excited to celebrate Fourth Graders this week as they wrapped up their American Revolution study. Fourth Graders worked extra hard to prepare a presentation and wrote the most incredible children’s books to teach little ones all about the American Revolution. When we heard what they were working on, we just knew we had the perfect audience for them to try their published work on. Kindergarteners really impressed us as they joined a 4th Grade reading partner with listening ears and kind words to say. We could not believe the thoughtful questions and sweet compliments Kindergarteners had to offer their older peers. After having so much fun, we celebrated by joining and playing with our 4th Grade buddies on the playground!

Important Dates:
February 1st – 100th Day of School
February 11th- Move-Up Morning for Kindergarten
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)