The Cooper School Daily

Let’s Compost!

Composting Worms

Scientists have been studying living systems for the past few weeks. We put together a composting worm habitat and have been observing these worms weekly to see the progress of our “scraps”. Students added newspaper shreds, soil, sticks, and leftover food to create this habitat for our red worms. On Wednesday this week we observed the jars and students were amazed at how much of their food had been decomposed by the worms.



We have been discussing persistence during Morning Meetings and throughout the day as we near the end of the year. Students are encouraged to keep the momentum moving as they prepare themselves for their sixth grade year. On Wednesday, we wrote down the different ways we will stay persistent throughout this last month. Some students said they will get more sleep at night in order to focus better, while others said they will try their very best on the upcoming projects and tests. Ask your child how they will stay persistent!


Difficult Words

While reading high-level non-fiction texts, students (and adults) sometimes stumble upon words they are not familiar with. This week readers identified these difficult or unfamiliar words and worked through different ways to understand what the text is saying. Some students used context clues in the texts, while others asked peers for help recognizing these words. If readers could not define what the word meant, and it was stifling their comprehension, students looked up words in the dictionary.


Important Dates:



  • Thursday, 5/09 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Friday, 5/10 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 5/10 Pass It On (5pm-6pm @ The Scottish Rite)