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Let’s Get Buggy

Let’s Get Buggy

Young scientists had the pleasure of having their first study trip come to them. On Wednesday, Kindergarteners explored, investigated, and discovered all kinds of interesting information about insects. Kindergarteners were delighted to have Miss Jennifer come from High Touch High Tech. They participated in various centers that had them using all their five senses to explore these amazing creatures. Kindergarteners touched and felt SUPER worms and used magnifying glasses to see their bodies up close and personal. They learned that these SUPER worms will img_1639 img_1638 metamorphosize into a gigantic beetle. Scientists made models of butterflies using pretzels and marshmallows. They got to eat their model when they were done! Young scientists learned that spiders are an insect’s number one predator and were able to look at a live tarantula, make a spider web with stamps, and touch exoskeletons of a scorpion and tarantula hair. Kindergarteners learned all about the butterfly life cycle and recreated it using stamps and paint. Students also used magnifying glasses to look at other insects like crickets, bees, and palmetto bugs. They loved putting on special goggles so that they could see like a real insect. Ask your Kindergartener what they liked most about our special insect centers!

Strawberry and Banana

Kindergarten writers met with their “Strawberry and Banana” writing partners to celebrate each other’s hard work during Writing Workshop this week. Writers interactive modeled how to be an active listener and came up with ways that they could be the best partners they can be! Writers gave their partners suggestions and ideas, encouragement and support, and told their partners to say “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”. Student pairs practiced listening as their partner re-read their writing that stretched ideas over pages. Writing partners then practiced giving feedback by sharing something they liked about the writing or asking a question about their partner’s writing. Ask your writer to tell you how they celebrated writing this week.

Kindergarten Loves Lunch Buddies

Kindergarten students were paired with a 2nd grade lunch buddy on Monday, launching a yearlong adventure in building relationships and joyful learning! Students in Kindergarten and Second Grade joined each other for lunch and spent time getting to know more about each other by asking and answering questions. Kindergarteners loved playing tag, horsey, and mud kitchen with their new friends. We can’t wait to build more friendships as the year rolls on! img_1629

Important Dates:

Thursday, September 29th Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30

Monday and Tuesday, October 10th and 11th Fall Break