The Cooper School Daily

Lifeboats and Line Plots!


We’ve had another great week here in 5th grade math!  This week, even YOU made an appearance in our math lessons.  As your mathematicians discovered new ways to display data, they created a line plot to show how many states the 4th and 5th graders have visited as well as how many states their parents have visited!  Turns out, one of you has visited 48 states!  Wow!  5th graders worked together to determine an appropriate scale for their line plot, graph the data, and make important conclusions from the data.  Ask your child how they compared to the number of states their peers have visited.



Have you ever been on a cruise, cargo ship, or perhaps a sailing expedition?  Did you notice the lifeboats available in case something was to happen to the larger vessel?  This week your scientists built their own lifeboats and determined how many passengers (pennies) each one could carry!  To determine the exact capacity of each boat, they filled it up with water and measured the water in mL.  We discovered that the larger the capacity of a boat, the more passengers it can hold.  During our investigation, your experimenters had to control all other variables, such as condition of the seas, placement of the passengers, and shape of the boat.  Ask your child how many passengers their boat could hold!



Your creators are excitedly gearing up for Art Walk!  The Art Walk is an event where the entire school is turned into a gallery, featuring your beautiful children as the artists.  They spend all year preparing their pieces and the whole month of January composing their artist statement.  This week, your artists attended two art classes to finish up their final touches.  We hope to see you next Friday, January 27 at the Art Walk!


Important Dates


Friday, Jan. 27                                   Art Walk, 8 am