The Cooper School Daily

Long Term Savings for the Future

Guest Speaker

Three guest speakers from Wells Fargo Bank visited Fourth Grade this week to discuss the importance of long term savings. Even though scholars are learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide daily, it important for them to recognize the concepts of savings can begin now. By understanding money-saving habits, students can learn how to set goals that financially set-up them up for success later in life.

Literary Essays

Fourth Graders began their final unit in writing this week, combining their reading and writing skills to write literary essays. This unit requires students to do close reading of shorter books to really notice the details. Students will learn to notice the details in their books and think about why an author made the decision for the setting, characters, metaphors, and word choice. Readers are taught to ask, “Why did the author make this decision?” We will begin by writing essays to defend basic ideas about the text with a focus on the structure of an effective literary essay. Students will learn to write opinion pieces that focus on specific text, not just on a topic. This will include learning the difference between paraphrasing and quoting and how to correctly cite text.


We got back on the water this week and boy was it hot! Students could not resist the lure of the water and practiced safe ways to get in and out of their boats while on the water. We purposely capsized ourselves, going all the way over and learned how to empty our boats of water. The heat had everyone going for a dip and putting their safety practices into action. Races and games ensued and we all had a blast!

Important Dates:

Sunday, May 13th                             Mother’s Day

May 14th -18th                              ERB Testing

Thursday, May 17th                         Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

May 20th                                            End of the Year Picnic @ Magnolia                                                                                        Plantation (3:30-5pm)

Monday, May 28th                           Memorial Day/ No School

Thursday, May 31st                          5th Grade Graduation – 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, June 1st                                 Field Day – 11:30 Dismissal