The Cooper School Daily

Looming into Ancient Civilizations!

Photos Below: Students modeled the looming created in traditional ancient civilizations.  This was a creative, mindful project that scholars enjoyed. This activity brought them closer to feeling like an Ancient Greek or Ancient Egyptian.  

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies, Fourth Grade scholars continued working on their Ancient Greece culture packet.  In their studies, scholars learned about the rights of free men versus the rights of slaves. They were also able to make distinctions about the rights between men and women in Ancient Greek life. 

Scholars also focused on the topic of polytheism vs. monotheism.  The Ancient Greeks worshipped various Gods and Goddesses, not limited to just one. For the purpose of our study, we focused on the 12 main God and Goddesses of Olympia.  

Specials – Music : In Music with Mr. Noodle, Fourth Grade ukulele players continued practicing their chords and playing along to “You Are My Sunshine” and “Frere Jacques.” Mr. Noodle emphasized the importance of posture and positioning for optimal ukulele sound! 

Writing Workshop

This week Fourth Grade writers continued drafting their persuasive essays by mapping them out with their opinion writing checklist. Scholars continue adding details and strong evidence to back up their details within their essays.  Recognizing that essay writing is a lifelong pursuit, students work each day to build on to their skill sets in writing!

Important Dates: 

November 6th- Distance Learning Day

November 9th & 10th- Parent/Teacher Conferences