The Cooper School Daily

Love and Kindness in Fourth Grade

Valentine’s Concert

On Tuesday, Fourth Graders and fellow Cooper School students showed how hard work and focus can really wow a crowd! In front of parents, teachers, and friends, students sang festive songs with poise and skill. Hazel Ketchum led this off-site concert at The Circular Church. Fourth Graders did an amazing job showcasing their string instrument skills as a group. They played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to the entire TCS audience. This is a talented group of musicians! Cooper School students once again proved that performance and presentation come as naturally to them as any other part of their academic day.




Fourth Graders continued their study of the amazing continent and country of Australia. During Social Studies this week, they finished learning about the desert and ocean biome and began learning all about animals that inhabit these biomes. Students also began studying the various cultural groupings which include food, shelter, clothing, transportation and traditions of the Australian people.


Appreciation Circle

Fourth Grade began doing the Appreciation Circle during Morning Meeting at the beginning of the school year. This is an activity where each student chooses a name (at random) of another student or teacher. Then, their job is to secretly observe that person throughout the school day. At the end of the day, the student presents their secret person with a compliment or an appreciation. For the first few months of the school year, we conducted the Appreciation Circle within our class. Recently, Fourth Grade has been choosing to incorporate other classes into this activity. I think that all students agree that giving and receiving these appreciations is a highlight to their week. 


Important Dates:


February Break/ No School                 Friday, Feb. 16th

February Break/ No school                 Monday, Feb. 19th

Rebels and Redcoats                             Tuesday, Feb. 27th  

Student Led Conferences                     March 5th and 6th – Early Release                                                                         11:30 Dismissal