The Cooper School Daily

Love of Literature

Reading Workshop
Kindergartners kicked off our Reading Workshop this week by practicing how to be efficient readers. Brave readers spent time searching through their book bags and reading the ones that interested them most. The students really impressed us with their ability to create a quiet environment perfect for digging into a book (just like a library!). We can’t wait to see our new readers blossom this year!

Phonics Study is Alive in Writing Workshop!
This week, students have been practicing letters F, L, N, and W as well as their sounds. Using our practice with these letters, Kindergarten writers have begun labeling illustrations by stretching out sounds they find in each word! Kindergarteners have been excited to share all of the words they can think of that start with the letters we’re working on in their writing! These brave writers have been writing books that teach about topics that they know well. We have been so proud of all of the hard work from our very young writers. 

Kindergarteners at The Cooper School LOVE to sing and dance! Students have so much fun each week learning new songs, dancing with friends, and contributing their own lyrics to a few with our TCS Music teacher, Mr. Noodle! We loved hearing Kindergarteners working on singing their alphabet BACKWARDS this week! Students love ending each class with a visit from a puppet friend, Mr. Squirrel!

Important Dates
Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night (Time-TBD)
October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (No School)