The Cooper School Daily

Lucky First Graders


This week in Math, we launched a new unit! Our mathematicians will be using place value understanding and properties of operations to add within 100. This week we focused on using our understanding of how to represent two digit numbers to build equations to help us solve two digit addition problems. Our mathematicians have impressed us with their focus and hard work while learning new math skills.


This week in Writing and Reading our Scholars continued to explore the genre of poetry. First Graders have been busy writing poems about what inspires them in the world. We have practiced adding repetition to build rhythm in our poems. Our poets have impressed us with how well they are reading with rhythm! 

St. Patrick’s Day

Our First Grade classroom received a few visitors this week – leprechauns! We enjoyed spending our morning brainstorming how to catch a leprechaun and what questions we would like to ask if we ever met one! Our First Graders joined the rest of The Cooper School classes and participated in a scavenger hunt. They were paired with an older student and worked together to find green beads with their name and a limerick attached. We always feel so grateful for any time the whole school can get together. 

Important Events

Spring Break – No School (March 28-April 1)