The Cooper School Daily

Luscious Linguists!


Students complete vocabulary tests every two weeks. Students have learned 132 new words this year! During Morning Meeting, students played a new game to demonstrate their knowledge of Unit 11 vocabulary words. Students rolled a dice and the number indicated whether they should state the definition, use it in a sentence, a synonym, an antonym, draw it, or act it out. Ask your child to play this game to review for their test next week!



This week in reading students performed their mystery plays with their book clubs. They were very creative from the scripts to the props. The students loved integrating drama into reading. Also, students have focused on their “just right” books. Many students finished a novel or began a new book from our classroom library. Our class is an amazing group of readers who share their passion for literature by recommending books to friends, writing book reviews and giving book commercials.


Africa Projects

This week, students chose their topics for their Africa report. Students will be compiling their reports for a published class book. This book will be a representation of what they have learned and will remain in The Cooper School Library for years to come. Also, parents will have an option to purchase the book as a memento.


Important Dates

Monday, March 5th                              Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, March 6th                             Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Thursday, March 8th                            Silent Auction

Saturday, March 24th                           Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                               Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                                Return from Spring Break