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Magnetic Energy!

Magnetic Forces in Fourth Grade! 

This week, Fourth Grade scientists thrived in their research groups discovering all the amazing powers of magnets! Each group of students determined that magnets can attract and repel certain materials. The tested materials included nails, screen mesh, small pieces of copper, paper clips and more! They took their findings a step further by manipulating each material to see if a magnet would attract more than one object at a time. Students were magnetized by this project as they explored the classroom to find as many objects as they could that were magnetic. Please ask your child about their surprising findings. 

Realistic Fiction, Oh My! 

Our Fourth Grade writers began developing realistic fiction pieces, step by step. As curious and bright scholars, students were excited to get started with this project. The main objective was to write down five creative ideas and then narrow those down to one idea to focus on. One student chose to write about opening a candy factory, while another chose to write about winning a surfing competition. Students enjoyed this process of writing because it allowed them to tap into their imaginations. Please ask your child about what topic they chose to write about. 

Value Always Finds Its Place! 

Fourth Grade mathematicians have been working hard on practicing place-value and rounding numbers! Students first created a place-value flip book to help them identify ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands. Knowing the place value of digits in numbers, helps in writing numbers in their expanded form. Rounding numbers was a fun activity for our students, since these skills are used in everyday life. Please ask your child about the most challenging aspect of rounding numbers. 

Important Dates:

Monday, 9/2 Labor Day – No School

Wednesday, 9/11 Parent Coffee (8am in the TCS Backyard)

Tuesday, 9/24 2nd-5th Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30