The Cooper School Daily

Magnets and Movement!


Magnetic Energy

This week, Fourth Grade scientists worked diligently in groups to discover the power of magnets! Each group determined that magnets could attract and repel certain materials. They took their findings a step further by manipulating each material to see if a magnet would attract more than one object at a time. Students were magnetized by this project as they explored the classroom to find as many objects as they could that were magnetic. They were pleasantly surprised with the results. 




Hopes and Dreams

Our Fourth Grade dreamers, dreamed big this week when they created their Hopes and Dreams project, for the new school year. Students were asked to write down a hope or a dream pertaining to social, academic or personal goals they wish to achieve. These topics allowed students to reflect and dig a little deeper while approaching this special assignment. Ms. Lauren and Ms. Kara are confident that the class will be successful in reaching their goals, and we look forward to helping them along the way!




Untangling the Human Knot through Movement

Fourth Graders teamed up with Fifth Graders for an unforgettable movement challenge. The Human Knot (a crowd favorite) became a game of patience, teamwork, communication and determination. Two teams were created and the goal was to untangle themselves faster than their opposing team, without letting go of the hands they were holding onto. Students quickly learned to listen to one another for instructions on how to maneuver their bodies through the tangled maze. A few rounds were played and each team won a round, but they realized that sportsmanship is not always about winning. Each team took a victory lap in the rain!




Important Dates:


Monday, 9/3 Labor Day – No School

Tues.-Fri. 9/4-9/7- 5th Grade at Green River Preserve

Tuesday, 9/4 Parent Coffee (8am in the TCS Backyard)

Tuesday, 9/18 Kindergarten Curriculum Night

Thursday, 9/27 1st-5th Curriculum Night