The Cooper School Daily

Magnificent May!


This week, students reviewed the standard method for multiplication and division. Students reviewed how to multiply and divide decimal numbers. Their knowledge was put to the test for a Friday game day. Students completed Connect 4 with multiplying decimals and a pirate dividing decimal game. Ask your student which game they enjoyed the most.


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Friday was a special day as we had grandparents and special friends join us for classroom activities. It was beautiful to see the students interact with everyone else’s special friends as well. In 5th grade, your historians led their special friends in an Interview, presented their explorers project, and a fun math game! Ask your child what their favorite part about today was during the morning.

Pass It On

What a special event for our Capstone year!  As my first time at Pass It On and their last, it was a thrill to see all 5th graders reciting their poems. As we have discussed confidence during morning meeting and boosted the confidence of Kindergarten during a special reading early this week, it was impressive to see all the students read loud and proud in front of a big audience.