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Exploring Small Moments in Our Writing!

Our writers are now familiar with the routines and expectations of Writer’s Workshop.  This allows time and energy to be focused on developing strategies to strengthen our skills as writers.  We launched our first writing unit of the year, emphasizing “small moments”.  Our lives are full of stories to tell and what better way to share them than through our written words!  We begin by practicing how to write a story, how to plan the writing of a story, how pictures can enhance our words, as well as some useful strategies for spelling and editing.  We are looking forward to writing and sharing stories galore this year!

 Bugging Out!

 This week, First Grade friends were thrilled to find their classroom flooded with insects as we launched our exciting insect study during science! Students took turns investigating various insect centers containing actual insect specimens, photographs of insects, microscopes with slides of insect parts, and a wide variety of insect books! First Grade scholars came together to share and record insect wonders that they hope to answer during our study of insects. These young scientists investigated our school’s backyard to find out where insects can be found! Ask your child where they discovered insects during our outdoor exploration.

 Marvelous Math!  

Our fabulous mathematicians completed their first math assessment of the school year!  They practiced skip counting, reading and using a calendar, concepts of number sense (including number lines, sequencing and inequalities) and learned to solve number stories by applying the problem-solving process!  All of these mathematical skills were introduced in a way that connects to our daily lives, providing a deeper sense of meaning to our investigations across curriculum.  The students were excited to explore a numbers museum in our classroom, including tide tables, teacher planners, calories on the back of a cereal box, an “old timey” phone, and even a baby bottle! Continue this learning at home by being mindful of numbers all around your home- the more you know, the more you see! 


The following are a few interactive links to follow in order to help with number sense as well as skip counting:

the numeral song – YouTube

Count by 2 Dancing 2’s Skip Counting by 2 Count to 100 Educational Songs Jack Hartmann – YouTube

Count by 5 Exercise and Count By 5 Count to 100 Counting Songs Jack Hartmann – YouTube


Friendly Reminders:

Please know that we are always available with any questions or concerns.  Thanks so much!


Next week we will begin to pack 3 books in your child’s reading folder.  Enjoy and please remember to record.  Happy reading!  (This is required).

* Please note, all math homework is optional.


Important Dates:

Saturday, September 16th TCS Yard Sale 8am – 10:30 am

Sunday, September 17th    New Parent Social 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, September 28th Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm & 

Elliott’s Due Date!

Monday, October 9th          No School – Fall Break

Tuesday, October 10th       No School – Fall Break