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Making Goals

Making Goals 

One Word-

In keeping with a Cooper School tradition, this week 5th graders dedicated time to finding a word that they will carry with them throughout the new year. With words such as “sparkle,” “pursue,” tenacity,” and “ignite,” teachers and students alike explored how they could apply their words in all aspects of their lives. The project culminated in setting thoughtful goals for both school and home and will be hung in the classroom as a reminder throughout the rest of the school year. 

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we have been working through our Explorers simulation! This has been such a fun week filled with difficult decisions where group members’ skills in navigation, negotiation, seamanship and more have been put to the test. The ships have dealt with accepting a charter from either Spain or Portugal, been trapped in a storm, and encountered native peoples in the “new world”! This has been a valuable week learning about the goals and challenges early explorers faced.   


In math this week, we have started learning about coordinate grids. This is such an interesting part of our unit and can be connected to Social Studies quite fittingly. Students have used maps and town representations to apply finding routes and identifying places using ordered pairs, x and y axis, and rules for connecting points. These skills will not only be useful in the real world, but also in higher level mathematics! 

Important Dates:

January 16th: Field Trip to Reforge

January 22th: St. Andrew’s Gym

January 23rd: Dinner at the Workshop

January 24th: Field Trip to the Dock Street Theater

January 28th: Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner

January 31st: Art Walk