The Cooper School Daily

March 15th, 2019


Spring has sprung in Third Grade! Last week, we investigated the ways seeds react to soaking in water without soil. This week, Third Graders moved those germinated seeds into a basin with a soil substitute so that we can observe the growth of six bean bushes. Students are monitoring the growth and changes in the plants’ sprouts as well as the changes in each root system. Students had fun this week spending some time outdoors on a seed hunt as well as creating their own modifications to help seeds in the dispersal process.



This week, Third Graders wrapped up our daily Buddy System that was implemented over the last several weeks. Each day, students were assigned pairs and spent lunch each day sitting and getting to know their “buddy”. We used this to encourage students to get to know others in the classroom that maybe they had not spent as much time with, and to feel connected to every student in our class. Following lunch, students came indoors to complete a buddy challenge. Students spent fifteen minutes working each day on problem-solving as a pair. We have noticed such a difference in our classroom in the camaraderie. Since finishing up, we have been proud to watch students organize their own group games including the entire class.



This week, Third Graders wrapped up our seventh unit in Math just in time for Spring Break! Students have mastered order of operations, fraction number lines, and comparing fractions using greater than, less than, or equal to. Students have also worked on using liters and milliliters to measure volume. Third Graders concluded their week by putting all of their new math skills to work in our end of unit assessment!


Important Dates:

  • March 25th-29th – Spring Break (No School)