The Cooper School Daily

March here we come!!

Wrapping Up Clothing Unit

This week your clothing experts wrapped up our clothing unit by tie-dying a t-shirt and screen-printing a special logo on it. This logo was created by all the Kindergarteners collaboratively as a class. Kindergarteners also became sewing enthusiasts as they used their new sewing abilities to create an egg pincushion. We can’t wait for you to see all the wonderful work they have done and their fabulous sashaying at our upcoming Biome Show!

Building Connections

This week Kindergarten got the opportunity to spend time with 4th grade and 5th grade building relationships and connections. They read books together, wrote stories, and played together. Kindergarteners absolutely love to spend time with these older friends. It fills up their buckets in so many ways. Ask your Kindergartener their favorite part of spending time with their older friends.


Kindergarteners are becoming how-to experts! These budding authors created idea webs with everything they know how to do and shared their ideas with the class. They quickly realized that they know how to do so many things and were surprised what their friends could do. They are so excited about this unit and love being how-to experts.



Important Dates:

Monday, March 5th                           Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, March 6th                          Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday, March 7th                     Study Trip to Magnolia Plantation

Thursday, March 8th                        Silent Auction

Saturday, March 24th                       Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                           Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                             Return from Spring Break