The Cooper School Daily

March is Here!

March has snuck up on us, unlike this pollen which has been blowing its way into our lives and sticking. This week was wonderfully gleeful with the highlight being the middle school social where we hosted a talent show. There were so many fabulous talents showcased, that we never  even knew about! The students have done a great job this week working hard to get their various projects and papers finished. The science fair projects are unbelievably innovative and are turning out very nicely, their scientific experimentation process’ are truly impressive. 

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies?

The eighth graders looked into different economic systems and compared that of socialism and capitalism. Students then began to take a look into capitalism’s effect on slavery. 

Students will be examining different theories on the ending of slavery before moving into women’s suffrage. Students will be comparing women’s rights between different parts of the world. Students will then be beginning to prepare for their midterm assessment. 

What’s happening in ELA?

Eighth graders have started reading nonfiction articles and taking notes for their research paper. However, they may need your help. Your students have been challenged to use vocabulary words they have learned in grammar and to apply MLA academic writing concepts to their papers. They are working on their rough drafts through the box-and-bullet concept of writing a thesis, coming up with reasons, and defending their reasons through textual evidence. Students need to understand that a research paper means that they actually have to research. This week, they also worked on their self-assessments and week fourteen grammar lessons. We have been so busy, so we are not having a grammar/vocabulary assessment until March 8th. We have also temporarily canceled reading log assignments. I will let you know when we will resume working on our reading logs.

What’s happening in Science?

Eighth graders completed their Science Fair report and their boards this week! They are so excited to show you their science fair boards. They worked so hard on them! The boards will be in the library for you to view during self assessment conferences. Please be sure to stop by after your conferences to see all of the hard work. Eighth graders also summed up what they have learned up to this point in science this year in their self assessment portfolio. Next week, we will wrap up our scientific method unit and then move on after self assessment.

What’s happening in Math?

This week, we have started looking at exponential functions in function notation, and we have been analyzing the average rate of change for exponential functions. Students were able to ask really good questions and dig deep to grasp what makes an exponential function different from a linear function. They are excited to showcase some of their learning for you in their Self-Assessment Presentations next week! 

Important Dates:

  • March 6th & 7th – Student-Led Conferences (11:30 Dismissal) 
  • March 28 – Spread the Word (11:30 Dismissal)