The Cooper School Daily

Marvelous Math!

Captivating Centers:

Fourth Graders particularly enjoyed Centers this week due to the creative themed activities. One center challenged students to solve Egyptian math word problems. The second center involved creating a mythological story. The final center was dedicated to a matching Gods and Goddesses game. Our center time is pivotal for children because it involves activities that are correlated to our everyday curriculum. This gives students an opportunity to engage in creative activities or lessons, which expands their knowledge and sparks their curiosity. Please ask your child about our themed centers. 

Marvelous Math: 

This week, Fourth Graders solved complex multiplicative and additive comparison number stories! Students shared solution strategies in a group setting, which helped them see critical differences between additive comparisons and multiplicative comparisons. Students determined that additive problems were asking them to look at what amount is added to one quantity to get another. In multiplicative number problem stories, students worked with verbal statements and equations as well as drawings to keep track of which quantity is more and which is less. Please ask your child about the complexities of solving multiplicative and additive comparison problems. 

The Wonder Wall: 

Students put on their wonder hats and added their ambitious wonders to our S.E.L. wall. In keeping with our self-regulation theme, scholars shared ideas about their wonders of the world. One of the highlights of this exercise was reading their unique responses. Each student came up with a wonder about either their family, sports or school. Our class drew inspiration from their immediate surroundings and the world. Please ask your child about their wonder. 

Important Dates: 

Thursday, 10/24 4th Grade Parent Lunch 

Thursday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival  (10:00 am-11:30 am)