The Cooper School Daily

Marvelous Mathematicians


Fourth Grade mathematicians charged full speed ahead into multiplication this week. They began by reviewing key vocabulary terms like product, multiple, and factor. The class began keeping track of multiples on the class number line. This will become extremely helpful when we begin our discussion of numbers that share a common multiple. On Friday, students played math games to help reinforce some of the concepts they are learning in class. Games play an important role in the Everyday Math curriculum. While students are learning new concepts through the math lesson each day, math games provide extra practice for students to master those new concepts. This week, students learned the game Name That Number.  In this game, students have 5 cards. Using those 5 cards, they are asked to add, subtract, multiply, or divide their numbers to reach a target number. The goal is to use as many cards as possible making the target number.



Fourth Grade continued their novel study of Shiloh this week. As the students became immersed in the story, the class took a closer look at Mores or social norms accepted within a group of people. Fourth Graders contrasted Mores from the story versus acceptable behavior within society today. For example, in the story staying out of people’s business is the social norm that is followed in this small town. However, in today’s society social media makes it hard to keep anything to yourself.



Fourth Graders are quickly becoming honeybee experts!  This week, students discussed two very important bee topics, bee communication and threats to the hive. On Wednesday, students discovered that one of the ways that bees communicate is through a series of dances. The two most important dances are called the round dance and the waggle dance.  Students have been observing the bees perform these dances in the hive for a while, and now they know what the bees were trying to communicate to the rest of the hive!  On Friday, students were introduced to the devastating effects of Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon that is plaguing honeybee communities throughout our country.


Important Dates:


Wednesday, October 25th     Parent Lunch 11:15 am

Tuesday, October 31st            Halloween Carnival ½ Day

Thursday, November 2nd      Middleton Plantation

Friday, November 3rd            Bee Presentation