The Cooper School Daily

Marvelous Muses!

Masterful Mathematicians 

The area of a rectangle, square number patterns and factors, oh my! Fourth Graders were busy this week hunting for the area of a rectangle, which meant discovering and then applying the formula: (A= length × width) to specific problems in their math journals. Our class remained focused as they moved onto calculating the formula for square number patterns. They created arrays for square numbers and noticed that square numbers are the products of factors multiplied by themselves. Factors in math were not to be left out as students conquered formulating factor pairs for products!




Musical Muses

The sounds of Fourth Graders warming up their musical instruments and voices in preparation for music and choir, was thrilling to hear. They performed Iko Iko and Hand Jive! Students came prepared for music class with guitars and ukuleles. Music grants students the opportunity to be creative and tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously! Ask your child to play or sing a song they have rehearsed in music class this week. You’ll be amazed!





Meticulous Writers

Mastering handwriting takes patience, practice and persistence! Our Fourth Graders have been applying these skills to various handwriting activities through Handwriting Without Tears instruction. Our students are becoming strong, articulate writers, which ultimately builds a strong foundation for reading and communicating. Students have been excited to practice their cursive skills through Cursive Success. The value of learning cursive enables our Fourth Graders to integrate fine motor dexterity, visual and tactile information.




Important Dates:

Friday, 10/12 11:30am Dismissal

Monday, 10/15 Make-Up Day

Thursday, 10/25 – Grade 4 Parent Morning Meeting

Wednesday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival – 11:30 Dismissal