The Cooper School Daily

Math, Centers, and Social Studies, Oh My!


This week in math, students worked to solve word problems involving time. They were able to apply what they had learned about skip-counting by fives to telling time on a number line. Students have begun to draw number lines used to represent time while learning about this topic. We are looking forward to measuring weight and liquid volume in metric units!


Centers day this week had a focus on nonfiction writing and reviewing our multiplication facts. Students played a fun game called ‘Who’s Winning Products’ where they built fluency of multiplying within 100. We also learned that nonfiction writing comes in all forms! Students created their own travel brochures for our very own city of Charleston, South Carolina! These turned out so cute!

Social Studies

WOW! What a week in Social Studies! Students have been putting the final touches on their “speeches”, the first component of the Change Makers project. We have been learning how to take our notes and put them into our own words, as well as avoiding making “lists” or just copying down our notes without adding any emotion. Tomorrow we will start our Change Maker timelines, bring on the collaging! 

Important Dates:

October 30- Halloween celebration, 11:30 dismissal

November 6- Distance Learning Day

November 9 and 10- Parent Teacher Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal