The Cooper School Daily

May 10th, 2019


Third Graders have spent the week finishing up our final math unit of the school year. Students have worked hard to review all of the math knowledge they have gained throughout the school year. This week, students built onto their previous knowledge by beginning to practice decomposing large multiplication problems. We have been so impressed this year by our Third Graders’ bravery when working on mastering all of this new math!


Students began reading fairy tales last week and immediately got excited for the opportunity to write their own fairy tale adaptations. Students waited patiently until FINALLY getting their chance this week. Students each chose a familiar fairy tale. Using this story, students decided on one element of the story to change in their own work. Students were able to modify a character, an event, or a motivation in the story. We have been so thrilled to see the light in Third Graders’ eyes as they describe their own fractured fairy tales!

Rock Climbing

This week, Third Grade wrapped up our time rock climbing. Our school spent the month focused on practicing persistence in our lives. Third Graders showed persistence by challenging themselves weekly to strive toward new goals on our Rock Wall. Some students challenged themselves to be brave enough to climb the wall at all, some hoped to reach the top, and others practiced increasing their speed when climbing to the top. We are so proud of every climber’s hard work this year!


Important Dates:

  • May 10th – Pass It On (5pm-6pm at The Scottish Rite)
  • May 19th- TCS End of the Year Celebration at The Riverdogs Baseball Game
  • May 20th-24th – ERB Testing
  • May 30th- 11:30 Dismissal
  • May 31st – Field Day (11:30 Dismissal)