The Cooper School Daily

May 31st, 2019

Ready for Fourth Grade

We were so excited to spend the week celebrating all of the successes of our Third Graders this year. As our school year came to a close this week, Third Graders took a look back at the letters addressed to their future selves from the first day of school as well as the yarn they used to measure themselves on the first day. Students were so excited to observe their growth! Students spent time this week responding to all of the questions they had asked at the beginning of the school year. We are so proud of all of the hard work our Third Graders accomplished this year!


This week, two Third Graders’ scripts were selected to be workshopped in our classroom. Using students’ final drafts, our entire class joined in for a readthrough of each script. Following the reading, students spent time going around the circle to discuss suggestions for improvement. It was very helpful to Third Graders to hear their peers’ suggestions to improve their writing, but even more helpful to them to hear their peers bring their words to life. Third Graders were excited to get scripts so that they could prepare a short performance for our Second Grade friends on our last day of school. We were so impressed by our Third Grade playwrights!


At the beginning of the school year, Third Graders made it their goal to read silently as a class for 45 minutes. They tried each week to see how long Third Graders could challenge themselves to continuously read without interruption. This week, Third Graders were proud to finally reach their goal and read quietly and independently for a full 45 minutes! We were so impressed by their focus, concentration, and of course, fantastic reading choices.