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Measurement, Clothing, and Accuracy

Marvelous Measurement

Kindergarten mathematicians have been busy exploring the world of measurement in math this week. Mathematicians have been hard at work learning how to measure using non-standard and standard means. Kindergartens have used linking cubes, paper clips, and even used their feet to measure objects in the room independently and with a partner. Kindergarteners explored the various standard measurement tools which included a ruler, a yardstick, and measuring tape. Their favorite tool was the measuring tape! Ask your kindergartener what their favorite way to measure is! IMG_0922-3 IMG_0921-3

Clothing and Fabric 

Kindergarteners have jumped right into our new unit on clothing and fabric. Clothing experts have learned the functions of clothing, what fabric is made from, and the different names for fabric. During learning centers, Kindergarteners have been using their imaginations to dress up in different clothing, matching clothing pictures to the correct seasons, and drawing a picture of themselves in their favorite outfit. Stay tuned for more information on this fantastic unit where your children will be dying fabric, learning how to sew, and learning all about the history of clothing and how it’s changed through the ages.

Striving For Accuracy

This trimester TCS students are focusing on the concept of Striving For Accuracy. This week Kindergarteners were introduced to this concept by listening to a read aloud called “Fannie In the Kitchen” It connected accuracy with following directions when baking a cake. This began a discussion of what other ways in school and in their home lives do they strive for accuracy. Kindergarteners also discussed that there are many jobs where you have to strive for accuracy 100% of the time. Kindergarteners said surgeons, civil engineers, builders, bakers, and drivers all have to strive for accuracy 100% of the time. In the next couple weeks, we will discuss strategies that they can use to help them strive for accuracy in their daily lives.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 18th MLK Day No School
  • Tuesday, January 19th Study Trip to Gaillard Center
  • Friday, January 22nd Publishing Party @ 10:15
  • Friday, January 29th Art Walk 8:00-9:00