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Measuring, Collaborating and Giving Back!

photo_1-10Linear Measures

This week, Third Graders launched a new unit in math exploring measurement. In our first lesson students discovered the need for standard units of measure. Students lined up their feet heel to toe to find the total length of our “class feet”. We then worked to find our class average or “mean” foot size. As the unit progresses Third Graders will continue to develop their measurement sense by measuring lengths with standard units in both the US customary system and the metric system. Third Graders will practice reading a ruler to the nearest inch, nearest ½ inch, nearest ¼ inch and nearest centimeter. In addition to the inch and centimeter, children will learn to measure with other standard units including the foot, yard and centimeter. Mathematicians will measure a variety of objects including their own bodies, such as their hand spans, wrists, necks and heights. Third Graders are working to become measurement experts!

Radio Show

Third Graders are so excited about the Radio Show they are collaborating to create in music class! This week several students decided to write about it! Check out the Radio Show update written by Mary Wade Brewer, Helena Ailstock and Nirvaan Patel!

photo-112This week in the Radio Show students were busy, busy, busy! Each Third Grade student has a job in the Radio Show. The band members include: Mary Wade as Director, Taylor and Grant in Sound Effects, Taylor and Claire on drums, Sophiene on guitar, Eloise and Mary Wade on violin, Grant on ukulele, Griffin and Gibson on keyboard, and Grant and Mary Wade on vocals. This week they chose songs for the show, learned a new song, worked on melody and harmony and even added instruments! Our Producer, Nirvaan, and Assistant Producer, Eloise, is planning with Maya and Jade, our hosts for the show. Jade and Megan are the News Team and each week they meet with the Writers, Sophie and Grant, who are working on the welcome to the show. Helena is working on jokes to share during the show. You will be blown away when you hear the show!

Giving Back

This week during Whole School Morning Meeting students discussed the recent historical flooding in our state. Students responded to this heartbreaking event in so many beautiful ways. The Cooper School community spent their time after school finding unique ways to raise money and support victims of the recent flooding including: lemon-aid stands, playing music at Second Sunday, selling drawings, doing chores at home, sharpening pencils, and having bake sales. Giving back is great!