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Measuring On

Standard Units of Measurement

Second Graders kicked off math with an exciting project on standard units of measurement. We began with a ruler which amounted to 12 inches or 1 foot.  Second Graders partnered with another classmate for a measuring project in our classroom. They explored measuring classroom objects, like our board and desks, to see how many inches or feet they equaled.  Our lesson also included reading the popular book “How Big Is A Foot”.

Reading Plan

Book Club buddies partnered together to continue their reading project to improve fluency by creating a book club plan. Readers utilized strategies such as retelling stories to one another and then by helping each other understand what is happening in the story. Readers were able to keep track of what was happening in longer books by using strategies like determining what is important and to stop when you get off track to re-read and answer questions with your partner. Second Grade scholars also created a flash news bulletin where they compiled facts about Second Grade readers and their unique skill sets when reading with fluency.  

















Kiawah Indian Transportation

This week Second Grade studied the Kiawah Indians, focusing specifically on their transportation.  We learned that the Kiawah Indians were in peak physical condition due to walking and running almost everywhere! When the Kiawah Indians were not walking or running, they paddled on the rivers in dugout boats. These boats were made of materials such as cypress and live oak trees. Second Graders learned about the intricate process of making these dugout boats and also illustrated a comparison of modern day Kiawah, to the time of the Kiawah Indians.  

Important Dates:

Friday, January 4th- Students return to TCS from Winter Break