The Cooper School Daily

Measuring Temperature


Second Graders explored the topic of temperature in math by studying a thermometer and measuring the degree changes.  As part of our “parts to total” lesson, students measured the increase or decrease in temperature using addition and subtraction strategies.  

Artist Statements

Writing this week focused on artist statements for our upcoming Art Walk on Thursday, January 31st.  Second Graders wrote about their favorite artist, their goals for art this year, and the materials they like to use to create art.  They will share the 4 things they like to draw as well as their favorite colors. Some of Second Grade’s favorite artists include Pablo Picasso, William Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Klee, and David Hockney!


Second Graders continued their Cooper Village project by reviewing the materials that make a building be fire resistant. Materials included brick, stucco, and concrete.  Scholars learned about the role of weather vanes in minimizing fires caused by lightning. These choices will be important when selecting building materials and measuring building costs within our project.  Students continue to assess wants versus needs as we work to create Cooper Village.

Important Dates:

January 31st – Art Walk at TCS

February 14th- Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Church

February 15th- Grade 2 Playdate

February 18th- February Break- No School

February 19th- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Second Graders making decisions for Cooper Village