The Cooper School Daily

Memorization & Conversion

Poet Muse

Students are well on their way to memorizing the poems written by their Poet Muse!  The next step in this final poetry project is to create a short iMovie about their muse, which students began this week.  The fourth graders creative ideas and quick understanding of this new program amazed me, and we cannot wait to share these final projects with all of you!



Fourth Graders have been learning all about turning fractions into decimals and percents  this week in Miss Allison’s math class.  These lessons taught a skill that students will use in real life situations for the rest of their life.  Students learned how to make these conversions through an interactive card game called “Fraction Concentration” as well as how to solve these conversions on a calculator.

group math pic

Social Emotional

This week students learned that we all have A.N.T.s  (automatic negative thoughts) when presented with different tough situations.  We discussed that one person’s A.N.T.s may be completely different from the A.N.T.s that you have.  The first step in squashing these A.N.T.s is to ask yourself, “Is this always true, or could it just as likely not be true?”  By asking yourself this question you are essentially trying to disprove your negative thought.  The next step in dealing with your A.N.T.s is to try to change them into P.E.T.s (positive energizing thoughts).  Here is an example of how to do this:

A.N.T.= I feel like a failure.  If people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me.

P.E.T.= I don’t need to succeed all the time.  Maybe next time I will do better. 


Important Dates;

Friday, April 22nd                               Poet Muse Presentation

Friday, April 29th                               1st Kayaking & SUP Trip

Friday, May 6th                                  Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)

Friday, May 6th                                  Pass-It-On