The Cooper School Daily

Memory Lane

Analyzing the Text!

Our 5th Grade students learned about analyzing texts in order to understand events better while diving into their Westward Expansion books. As historians, it is critical for them to know not only what happened, but why. They should ask themselves, “Why did it happen that way?” We started by reading a passage from, The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal book. Scholars were encouraged to share their thoughts with a partner on what happened in the piece they read, and why! The exercise broadened their critical thinking skills and allowed the class to analyze texts in a new way.


Memory Lane!

This week, our 5th Grade class shared fond memories of their extensive experiences throughout the school year. At the top of the list was the GRP field trip, which kicked off the school year. This memorable trip was an important bonding experience for students, which has left a lasting impression in their minds and hearts. Students remarked about their time together in class and how they have grown in so many ways. The Halloween Parade and so many more memories became part of the discussion. Please ask your child what their fondest memory is of 5th Grade.  

Organizing Writing!

5th Grade scholars began to organize their writing this week by making sure certain elements, like headings, all matched and looked neat. Students learned that writers accomplish this cohesive flow in their texts by making matches and patterns in words, structures, and meanings. We read multiple texts and looked at how to effectively organize heading and structure to be matching sets. Students felt confident in accomplishing this organizational task.

Important Dates:

Monday, May 20th-24th- ERB Testing Week

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day! No School

Thursday, May 30th- Graduation Day! Half day

Friday, May 31st- Field Day! Half Day (Last day of School)