The Cooper School Daily

Migrating through the Holiday Season!


After finishing our first investigation of magnetism, we moved on to an investigation of electricity. First, students were asked to light a bulb using only a D-cell (battery), two wires and a light bulb. After a little experimenting the whole class discovered how to make a circuit. Next, students learned new scientific vocabulary words like “component” and “energy source”.



This week in Writing Workshop, students began learning about information writing. During this unit, students will take a topic that they know well, The Revolutionary War, and write several different information texts about different aspects of this war. This week students learned how to plan for their writing, and how to effectively research their focused topics further.  Students picked a variety of fascinating topics to write about. The classroom was abuzz with excitement as students researched and discovered things they never knew about The American Revolution!


Holiday Migration

This week in Whole School Morning Meeting, students and teachers celebrated unique traditions and holidays that occur around the world during December and January. This year’s focus was light, and how each holiday incorporates light into their special winter holiday celebrations. Cooper School children discovered why girls in Sweden dress in white to portray St. Lucia and light a crown of candles every year on December 13th. Students lit the menorah and played dreidel for our Chanukkah celebration. We all shared stories of how we celebrate during this season and enjoyed comparing our own family traditions. Next week, we will continue learning about the different winter holidays celebrated all around the world.


Important Dates:


Wednesday, December 20th   Polar Express Movie Night 5-8

Thursday, December 21st     Pajama Day (11:30am dismissal)

Thursday, January 4th          School Resumes