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Migration, Brain Power, and Spanish Clothing

kinder_spanish1Monarch Migration

Butterfly experts have been busy writing fascinating facts, painting stunning monarchs with vibrant colors, creating illustrated life cycles, and preparing their individual monarch butterflies during learning centers to form a cluster of “ambassadors” for The Cooper School. Kindergarteners experienced what it is like to be a monarch butterfly drinking nectar from their proboscis. It was great to see them enjoy this activity so much! The Kindergarten class, along with students across the United States and Canada, will participate in a project to send symbolic butterflies to Mexico. Children at the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico will protect the butterflies and send them back north in the spring.


Spanish speaking Kindergarteners were exposed to music and drama this week! Students got to dress up in Spanish clothing to dance and sing along to familiar songs. Students even got to learn how to sing their ABC’s in Spanish. Ask your “nino” how to say their ABC’s in Spanish?

IMG_0640_(2)Minds Up

We are getting to know and love our brains! Students are learning all about the big helpers: Prefrontal Cortex, Amygdala, and Hippocampus. This week, we focused on how the Amygdala protects us and helps us calm down when we are upset. Kindergarteners learned two strategies to use to help them calm down: One is counting to ten and the second is taking a big deep breath. Ask your kindergartener to show you how they calm down their Amygdala?