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Mindful Memoirs


Photo_Nov_13,_8_18_51_AThis week your mathematicians wrapped up their study of geometry. Throughout this unit, 5th graders refined their measuring skills with a full circle and half circle protractor. They learned that adjacent angles are next to each other and add up to 180 degrees, and that vertical angles are opposite each other and have the same measure. 5th grade really enjoyed how hands on geometry was, but are now excited to practice their division skills in Unit 4!


5th graders are wrapping up and placing final touches on their memoir writing. During this unit, students learned how to mix narrative stories with essay writing in order to create meaningful memoirs. Some students’ work sounds poetic while others’ is down right persuasive. This class rose to the challenge and delved deep into their personal thoughts and feelings. Each student should be proud of their final product that will be shared this coming Thursday, November 19th during a Publishing Party with parents.


Photo_Nov_13,_8_19_55_AMAs a culmination of our Africa study, 5th graders are looking deep into the culture of the Tuareg people in the Saharan Desert. The Tuareg are a nomadic group that move around in search of water. They use camels as their primary mode of transportation and they survive off millet, goat’s milk, and goat cheese. They are nicknamed the Blue Men because the dye from their Indigo turbans will often rub off on their skin. Your researchers learned how to optimize their google searches by choosing concise and specific search terms. Ask your child what they think is most interesting about the Tuareg!