The Cooper School Daily

Mixing Materials and Exploring Book Series!

Mixing Solids and Liquids

First Grade scientists have been busy investigating small pieces of solid particles and comparing them to liquids they previously investigated. Scientists spent time investigating our school’s backyard to see if solid particles can be found outdoors. First Grade science partners found a wide variety of solid particles outdoors, collected them in bottles, and compared them to liquids in bottles. They were able to identify similarities and differences in the way these materials move inside of bottles. Their investigation ended with an observation to compare how the two states of matter poured from their bottles. Scientists also explored a collection of solid materials to observe what happens when they are mixed with water. We can’t wait to re-visit this investigation on Monday to observe changes! Ask your First Grade scientist what they observed during science this week!

Characters and Their Stories

First Grade readers spent the week closely investigating characters and their stories in the book series they read! These observant readers practiced getting to know the characters in a book series by investigating the title, cover pictures, back of the book and the Table of Contents. They know to pay special attention to the first chapter in a book series to identify who the main characters are, and when and where the setting of the book takes place. First Grade readers noticed quotation marks let a reader know when a character is talking. They worked hard to identify the many ways that characters share dialogue in a text, and were even able to incorporate these dialogue tags into their own writing!

Writing Books in a Series

Writers have been tackling some big work during Writing Workshop this week! They are working on writing books in a series! Through close investigation and reading of books in a series, these scholars know that when writing books in a series they must include the same imaginary characters throughout their series. As they created their first series book, First Grade writers made sure to create their imaginary character, describe where the character lives, what they like to do, how they feel, who their best friends are, and included important background information. Ask your First Grader about the book series they are writing in Writing Workshop!

Important Dates

Dock Street Theater – Thursday, April 26th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, April 27th

Grandparents Day- Friday, May 4th (10am- 11:30 Dismissal)

Pass It On-  Friday, May 4th (5pm-6pm @ The Charleston Museum)

Swimming Lessons – Friday, May 11th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, May 18th