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Movement and Maps!

Movement Buddies

This week your athletes had the pleasure of joining Third Grade during Movement! We all took a vote on which game to play and the majority chose Castle Ball. Castle Ball has become a playground favorite over the last couple years. Teams build small “castles” by strategically stacking hula hoops. Then they try to knock down the other team’s castle by throwing balls at it. It’s a fun way to play dodgeball without throwing things at our friends! They had a blast sharing this time with Third Grade!




 It has become apparent to me that your linguists love vocabulary! Their capacity to learn several new words each week is astounding. When we play Padoodle, I can tell they have a keen understanding of how to use the words in a sentence. It’s like their brains hit a growth spurt every week! The English language is vast and we have so many new words to learn. I know your learners will feel very accomplished in vocabulary by the end of the year.



Your historians continue to study the era of Westward Expansion in the United States. This week during centers, they began to take all that knowledge and display it on a map. In the Westward Expansion center, students chose an important location or trail and labeled it on our map. They had to use our collection of books or their iPads to find the accurate location. Ask your child what they added to the class map this week!



Important Dates

Thursday, Dec. 8                                              Polar Express Movie Night, 

Friday, Dec. 16                                                  Pajama Day, 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, Dec. 19 – Tuesday, Jan. 3              Winter Break, No School

Wednesday, Jan. 4                                           Return to school