The Cooper School Daily

Moving On Up!

Move Up Day!
Kindergarteners spent their Thursday morning this week exploring the First Grade classroom and meeting the First Grade teachers! This is a favorite tradition at The Cooper School as it gives Kinderbuddies a glance into what to expect next year. Kindergarteners were excited to meet the First Grade class pets, hamsters named Pickles and Biscuit! Students learned new math games and all about the 1st Grade way of life. We are so proud of our future First Graders!

Illustrating Compliments
This was a big week in our Kindergarten world! After working hard to craft thoughtful compliments for each of our classmates, Kindergarteners took on the big job of creating illustrations to match their words for each friend! Kindergarteners blew us away with their beautiful bucket-filling illustrations! We know that you will love reading these treasures!

Construction Zone
This week, Kindergarteners were so excited to begin the construction of their building projects. Little architects have been so excited to dive into their work on houses, skyscrapers, castles, and businesses. Early in the week, students began looking at materials they had collected and began to sketch design ideas for their assigned buildings. We couldn’t wait to partner up with 4th Grade construction workers to break ground on their masterpieces!

Important Dates:
February 14- Valentine’s Day
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)
February 25th – Kindergarten Afterschool Playdate