The Cooper School Daily

Moving on!


Fourth Grade presented their Ancient Civilization projects this morning to their peers and parents.  The students were so proud to share all that they have learned about Egyptian and Greek gods and goddesses, the cultures of Ancient Egypt and Greece, mummification, the importance of the Nile River, how to write using hieroglyphics and in Greek, and so much more.  This was such an exciting adventure for the Fourth Grade and they look forward to our next learning adventure about The American Revolution!


Fourth Graders finished up their third math unit this week where they focused on adding and subtracting fractions with “like” denominators.  Moving forward, the students will continue to focus on fractions, but will learn to convert them into decimals.  Students will also learn about place-value relationships to 1,000,000 using addition and subtraction.  This new unit offers a lot of new and exciting learning concepts for the students!!


Now that we have closed out our Essay Writing unit, it’s time to look ahead! On Monday, we’ll begin writing our Gratitude books! In preparation for Thanksgiving, Fourth Graders will take time to think about all of the things they are grateful for, and why they are thankful for the things they have!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Harvest Feast November 19 @ 10am- (11:30 am dismissal) 
  • Thanksgiving Break November 22-November 26