The Cooper School Daily

Moving Right Along!

Hallie Hill Visit

On Tuesday, members of the Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary visited the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to tell them a little bit more about what their charity does for cats and dogs without homes. The students loved hearing about what our Pass It On proceeds will go towards and they really enjoyed seeing the sweet dog that Hallie Hill brought with them.


We are starting to close up our curiosity unit for SEL and our curiosity wall has filled up fast! To get some answers to their many questions, we’ve given them an opportunity during centers to research each other’s post-its. Many questions involve deeper focus on topics we’ve learned about in class and things they are most interested in!


We are coming to a close on unit 6 in Math, where the students were introduced to division strategies. This week they finally learned the standard algorithm! They’ve been anticipating this lesson for several weeks now and we know as long as they keep up with place values, they’ll master it in no time.

Important Dates:

April 22- TCS Spring Auction

April 26 – Spring Choir Concert (1:45pm – 2:30pm @ the Scottish Rite)

May 4 – Pass It On (11:30am Dismissal- event starts at 5:00pm @ the Scottish Rite)

May 11 – Cooper Clusters (Free Dress Day)

May 12 – Project Presentation (2:15pm)

May 26 – No School (Teacher Work Day)

May 29 – No School (Memorial Day)