The Cooper School Daily

Moving Right Along!


This week, Fourth Grade mathematicians embarked on a World Tour in which students apply mathematical concepts to learning about different countries. This unit is all about numbers and how they are used all around us. Students visited Washington D.C. where they learned an interesting number of facts about our nation’s capital. The following lessons reviewed place value in whole numbers and how that related to multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. Having a strong understanding of place value and number sense will help Fourth Graders move onto more complex problem solving later in the year.  



Fourth Graders continued reading Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo this week with a focus on character relationships and how these change throughout the book.  Students also looked closely at the author’s words, to not only understand these deep relationships, but also to understand how the mood changes throughout the book. Students have been drawing conclusions, making connections to the text, and writing each day in response to what they have read.



On Tuesday, Fourth and Fifth Grade joined together for Movement. Students were taught a new game called Alaskan Baseball. Each team worked together by communicating and encouraging each other to pass the ball quickly but with care.  Everyone had a blast! Students used collaboration skills to take turns throwing the ball and naming each player on their team in order to score a “run”. In the end, both teams tied due to the dedication and hard work showed by each player.


Important Dates:


Thursday, September 28th           Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Monday, October 9th                     Fall Break – No School

Tuesday, October 10th                   Fall Break – No School