The Cooper School Daily

Moving Up Day in Fourth

Photo Below: Fourth Graders enjoying a game of “Sharks and Minnows” during outdoor break!


Fourth Grade scholars continued studying topics in their new science unit on the “Sun, Moon and Stars!” This week we began to study the moon and scholars learned many new facts!  While the rising and setting of the sun is fairly predictable to tract, it is not always as simple with the moon.  As a class, we also focused on stars. Did you know that the only star we can see during the daytime is the sun? Students also learned that some of the brightest stars in the sky are actually planets! After Spring Break, students will begin tracking the moon in a nightly log to share their data!

Word Work

For our vocabulary study this week, Fourth Grade scholars studied words from “Heartbeat” by Sharon Creech.  Students had the opportunity to search for multiple definitions listed in the Merriam Webster dictionary and then determine which definition applied to the verse in their poetry.  Students acted out words in a pictionary style game that allowed other scholars to guess!

Move Up Day to Middle School!

Fourth Graders became Fifth Graders for the morning. Fourth Graders traveled to the Middle School classrooms with Miss Jasmine and Miss Lindsay to experience a typical Middle School morning.  Activities included programming robots in Math and getting the chance to measure egg drops from high positions in Science. This illustrated the principles of Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion. Students also enjoyed getting to wear free dress and have a uniform free day!  

Ice Cream Morning Meeting

As a part of our Morning Meeting games, we have a virtual ice cream truck land in our classroom which included ice cream truck music. Although we didn’t eat any actual ice cream, we played ice cream themed games! Each student marked their top three ice cream picks and said them aloud. We greeted each other by the name of our favorite ice creams such as “Good Morning Mr. Rocky Road!” or “Good Morning Miss Firecracker Pop!” 

Important Dates: 

March 29th-April 5th- Spring Break