The Cooper School Daily

Mysterious Minds!


   Your sleuths have had another week full of suspicion, clues, and discoveries! In the last week of our Mystery Unit, 5th grade readers chose a new book to read in their mystery book clubs. Students read The Westing Game, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, and Chasing Vermeer. This week we learned that good readers can identify the central mystery, determine if there is a sidekick or not, identify character motivation, and recognize red herrings. Our whole class model text was Bunnicula and we certainly shared a few laughs, gasps, and jumps! Ask your child which mystery novel was their favorite.



Fractions, decimals, and percents! Your mathematicians have become experts on this topic. This week, we discussed different strategies for finding equivalent fractions using multiplication and division. Finding equivalent fractions then allowed students to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators, convert fractions to decimals, and convert fractions to percents. Pretty soon we will be multiplying and dividing fractions as well. Ask your child what felt challenging in math this week. Challenges are a great place for growth! Encourage them to focus their energy on growing in that area.



Good writers are good readers! That’s why Mrs. Subhadra and I collaborated this week to create a mini mystery writing unit. Now that your 5th Grade readers have studied mystery books for the past 3 weeks, they were ready to write their own! Mrs. Subhadra broke down the steps to writing a mystery: describe your main character, describe the setting, say what was stolen, write clues including some red herrings, add in a climax, and then let your reader solve the mystery. Ask your child what their mini mystery was about!


Important Dates


Tuesday, Feb. 14                   Valentine’s Day Concert (Circular Church)

Mon and Tue, Feb 20-21     February Break, No School

Monday, Feb. 27                    Kinder/5th Grade Buddy Morning

Tuesday, Feb. 28                   Science Fair, 8:00 – 8:45 am

Tuesday, Feb. 28                   Study Trip, Peter and the Starcatcher 9:30-11:30