The Cooper School Daily

Mystery Reader, Parent Lunch, and More…


Second grade writers were thrilled to begin writing our non-fiction study of Science Books and Lab Reports! In this unit, students learn about the scientific process and create their own experiments. The writing connects to our study of Balance, Force and Motion in science, as these scientists create their own experiments testing these ideas and writing lab reports about their results.

Mystery Reader

Each year, second graders are delighted to have their parents show up to share a story with the class. Parents do amystery-reader great job of keeping these times a secret so that students have no idea who is going to show up each Friday morning to read to our class. This week marked the beginning of this tradition in Second Grade and the students were so excited! If you haven’t had the chance to sign up, make sure to contact me for some avalible dates.

Parent Lunch

Second Graders were so excited to have their parents join us for lunch this week! Parents were invited to have a peek
into our daily lives at school. Students invited their parents to join in on a game of “blob tag” on the playground, getting both parents and kids to run around, giggling with excitement. Otherparent-lunch
parents jumped rope, while some pretended to be news anchors who were being filmed by a camera. We then enjoyed lunch on this beautiful day under the trees in our backyard classroom. Thanks to everyone that was able to join us!


Important Dates

Wednesday, October 26th                                     Parent Morning Meeting


Wednesday, October 26th                                     Publishing Party 8:20-9:00

Thursday, October 27th                                         Parent Forum 5:45 p.m.

Monday, October 31st                                            Halloween Carnival – ½ Day