The Cooper School Daily

Mystery Writers!

Mystery Drama

 5th Grade readers have finished their mystery book clubs and the fun has only just begun! Book clubs worked together to write their own mystery play! Your writing detectives worked with their group to describe their main character, describe the setting, say what was stolen, write clues including some red herrings, add in a climax, and then let your reader solve the mystery. On Monday, students will perform their mystery to the class. Ask your child what their mini mystery was about!


This week, your mathematicians completed their unit on negative and positive numbers and exponents. We used cash and debt cards to reinforce the idea of positive and negative numbers and helped with addition and subtraction of those numbers. Students learned to associate terms such as “in the hole”, “down” and “in the red” with negative numbers. They learned to associate terms such as “in the black”, “in excess of” and “over” with positive numbers. Your thinkers discovered that subtracting a positive or negative number is the same thing as adding the opposite of that number. This helped as they worked through more difficult subtraction problems.  

Art Explorations

Students completed their final week of Art Explorations on Tuesday. Art students worked on self-portraits and Greek vases. Music students practiced their songs for SOA auditions and for graduation. Writing students completed poetry and their stories for middle school applications. Students enjoyed this experience focusing on one discipline with a small group.


Africa Talk with Ms. Kotz! 

 Students played Mancala during morning meeting. Mancala is played in many East African countries. 

Important Dates

March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th– Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break