The Cooper School Daily

Myths, Measurements, and Moving West!

Social Studies

4th grade chugs along with our new Social Studies unit, Westward Expansion. To introduce the topic, we started reading Mr. Ticket by Gary Paulsen. They’re enjoying learning about the main character, Francis’s adventures along the Oregon Trail, but they can’t wait to get into our lessons about Manifest Destiny and moving West once we finish the book.


As they continue reading about the many different myths, 4th grade has learned the difference between a pourquoi myth, which explains a naturalistic element, and a cautionary tale, which teaches a lesson. During our Read Aloud’s, the students have gotten really good at identifying the difference and providing evidence to back up their claim.


4th grade continues on with measurements this week as well. They’ve learned metric length, weight, and capacity, as well as the imperial inches and feet. Our mathematicians have begun to master the ever-confusing multi-step word problems, and are building upon the foundations of division!

Important Dates:

March 6-7 – Student Led Conferences (12:30pm – 2:30pm)

March 9 – Cooper Clusters (Dress Down Day)

March 15 – Charlotte’s Web Field Trip (9:30am)

April 3-10 – Spring Break (No School)