The Cooper School Daily

Narratives, Pumpkins, and Family Math Night…Oh My!

k_10-23Writer’s Workshop

Kindergarten writers are excited to be starting their first personal narrative pieces. Young writer’s have begun brainstorming a “true” event that has happened in their lives. Writers are starting to draw pictures with so much detail and adding words to these wonderful pieces. Writers are thrilled to know that these pieces will get to be put together to create a book that will be published. When writers publish a piece we have a publishing party to celebrate their completed works. Kindergarteners will get to read their book to their fellow classmates and then celebrate with juice and a treat. Stay tuned for more about your young writer’s narrative writing.


Young pumpkin enthusiasts are deep into our study of pumpkins. Kindergarteners have learned all about the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin during Science this week through read aloud and class discussions. We read: From Seed to Pumpkin, Pumpkin Jack, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, and a real photography book called Pumpkins. They know that the beautiful yellow flowers that grow from a pumpkin vine are a promise k2_10-234for a future pumpkin. Scientists also observed our “Case of the Decomposing Pumpkin” during learning centers and recorded daily observations of the changes occurring. So far they have noticed that it is getting “fuzzy” or “furry” and there is a lot of white and black spots. Stay tuned as we go on our first study trip to the pumpkin patch, do a pumpkin investigation, and continue to learn about the decomposing process through our pumpkin unit.

Family Math Night

The Cooper School hosted their 2nd annual Family Math Night this Thursday and it was so much fun! Families came together to explore different math content strands. Each classroom had a designated strand and offered games at various levels that reinforced content learned through that strand. Families went through each classroom playing the games together. After playing the game or activity, parents were able to take a handout with directions on how to play at home. When families were not in individual classrooms, they were coming together in the library to make estimates of candy corn and writing different ways to make a specific number. Friends and families had a terrific time at Family Math Night!