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New Month Brings New Studies!

treeSocial Studies

This week students continued their study of our country and it’s regions by looking at the history of The United States. This history began with a discussion of the different Native American tribes that inhabited our country when settlers first arrived. From there the book touched on the American Revolution, and we finished the week talking about Westward Expansion. This brief history of the United States will be delved into much deeper when we begin our reading and writing units about the Revolutionary War in a few short weeks!


TCS teachers and students begin to talk about gratitude every November before the Thanksgiving holiday. This discussion was started during Whole School Morning Meeting on Monday, when Ms. Allison had students think about people, places and things that they were grateful for. Students in 4thGrade took these gratitudes a step further by creating a Tree of Gratitude in our classroom. history_picFor the rest of this month students will write gratitudes on leaves and add them to our class tree. This will be a concrete reminder of all of the things that we have to be grateful for on a daily basis!


Fourth Grade got a special treat this week. Each morning, new friends from Charleston Stage came to the classroom to teach about drama and acting. They learned warm-ups, like one where they pretended to be crazy bananas. They played games with names like “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.” What’s not to love? Not only that, they learned about the importance of controlling their bodies and voices in order to be successful actors. In small groups, Fourth Graders learned to take direction to produce a short skit with a Charleston Stage actor.