The Cooper School Daily

New Studies Begin


When one study ends, another begins! This week we moved on from the study of the physics of sound to the exploration of water. Water is a part of everyday life but is not often observed for its many properties. Students began this week by observing water, specifically looking at the absorption of water in some materials or how water beads up on others. Spilling water happens, but now we can notice the way the water interacts with the surface it is spilled on.



This week we began reading a totally different genre… nonfiction! Students were excited to start reading all about bugs! This unit focuses on the central idea of how bugs are essential to the survival of life on earth.  During this unit, students focus on nonfiction reading skills of identifying the main idea, using evidence to support answers, identify word meanings using context, and much more. These nonfiction-reading skills can then be applied to a variety of subject areas. The topic of bugs builds on the insect study in First Grade and Third Graders get to collaborate with the First Graders as “bug experts.”

Scholastic News

Third Graders were excited to begin the routine of Scholastic News each week. This means that they receive a 2-page magazine with news and information geared specifically to Third Graders. Each magazine also includes a graph with questions that help students to practice applying data analysis and graph reading skills in real world applications. This is followed by a brief comprehension review of the articles they read. Look for your student’s Scholastic that will be sent home each Thursday. It often has extensions that can be explored at home including videos and quizzes online.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, October 16th           10:45 Publishing Party and Parent Lunch
  • Tuesday, October 31st          Halloween, 11:30 Dismissal