The Cooper School Daily

New Year, New Goals!


Third Grade writers used their persuasive writing skills to finalize their speeches and present them to the class. They looked for problems in our society and thought of solutions and urged others to join in on their fight. Finally, they were ready to present to our Third Grade audience!


We were so excited to start our One Word work this week. Students thought of goals to carry them into the new year and brainstormed words that reflected their goals. There was some great conversation going on in the Third Grade classroom surrounding goals and what we look forward to in 2022.


This week, Third Grade mathematicians learned about the position of numbers relative to their immediate multiples of 10 and 100, using number lines to do so. They rounded to the nearest 10 and 100 and deepened their understanding of rounding to consider all the numbers that round to a given number. We ended the week with a game of “Guess the Mystery Number!”

Important Dates:

Monday, January 17th- MLK Day, No School