The Cooper School Daily

New Year, New Goals!

Clothing Down to a Science

Our class started the New Year by kicking off our latest Science unit on fabric and clothing. Students began the week by considering and telling us about and illustrating their favorite thing to wear! Students continued the week by discussing the different purposes of clothing; for modesty, protection, decoration, and communication. They began considering examples of each that they are familiar with in their own world! Students have begun talking about different types of fabrics and where they come from and have been SO excited to add stitching to their repertoire of impressive Kindergarten skills.

How-To Writing

This week, Kindergarteners took their How-To writing to a new level by studying a mentor text! Students read through and observed several aspects of finished texts, such as titles that tell us what the book is about, pictures that teach, lists of things you need, and how authors print important parts in bold. Students hopped right to work to add all of these new tactics to their own books, and then continued on to apply these helpful tools to new How-To books. We’ve loved learning from our Kindergarteners all about how to take care of pets, how to cut a snowflake, and even how to ride a camel!

Reading Buddies

Kindergarten was excited to join forces this week with First Graders for Reading Buddies! As First Graders wrapped up their Reading Unit, they were excited to welcome our class to flex their reading muscles. Students were paired as First Graders explained all of their new skills to Kindergarten friends. Kindergarteners were impressed by all of the First Graders reading and celebrated the idea that they are on their way to follow in their First Grade friends’ footsteps!

Important Dates
January 20th- MLK Day (No School)
January 22nd- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium
January 23rd- Dinner at Workshop
January 28th- Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner
January 31st- Art Walk